4 Simple Ways to Organize Anything (#2 is our favorite!)

01 Feb 2017 no comments admin Categories Inspired-Eating

Going into 2017, people have made getting organized one of their top priorities! In fact, this year being healthy and getting organized beat out traveling and reading on NBCNews.com list of top New Year’s Resolutions.


Here are 4 simple ways to organize anything:


1. Baby Steps
It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing your office, garage or the kitchen junk drawer, the key is to start small. To make
any change last, break your end goal into small, achievable baby steps. Each step you complete will fuel your momentum to your ultimate outcome.


2. Set a timer
Set a timer for just 10 min. It’s enough time to make noticeable progress, but not enough to eat into your day. At the end of 10 minutes you’ll be pleased to mark one thing off your list, or motivated to move on. Either way, it’s a win!


3. Give everything a home
Having a specific place for each item to belong cuts down on the pile of clutter looking for a home. And having an assigned space for everything means that anyone in your family can help put it where it belongs, sharing the burden of clean up.


4. One in, one out
For every item that comes into your home, one must leave. Having less stuff means fewer things to organize!


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