Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Your health is why we’re here. We believe eating healthy should be easy and enjoyable. With a Pure Plates’ FREE Custom Meal Plan, you can take back control over your health, time and finances. Your meal plan will focus on three areas of success: nutrition intake, releasing toxin build up in the body, and support and accountability with our Nutrition Coach.

Plans last anywhere from 1 week to ongoing 4 week plans and can take into account any allergies or specific dietary restrictions. 



  • Results— Average weight loss of 8-10 lbs. over 30 days when you follow your meal plan.
  • Save Time— Pick up 5-7 days of ready to eat meals in one stop instead of multiple stops for ingredients you still have to prep and cook!
  • Save Money— Eliminate uneaten food spoiling in the refrigerator. Get more for your money with gift card loads. Turn $500 into $550, $1,000 into $1,150, and $1,500 into $1,800!
  • Reduce Anxiety— Stop counting points, calories and macronutrients. You’ll know exactly what to eat to build muscle and burn fat—without going hungry.

Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

FREE Consultation with our Nutrition Coach

Tell us about you! What are your health goals, food likes and dislikes, and budget?

Receive your FREE Personalized Meal Plan

Our Nutrition Coach provides support and education along your journey.

Nutrition Coach Orders Your Food

You pick up your food at one of 2 convenient locations

Get Results

Lose an average of 8-10 lbs. while getting back time, money and your health

Schedule A Free Consultation

Don't need a custom plan and want to get started right now? Check out our 5 Day Meal Plans

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