FIT IN 5: The Solution to Your Resolution

Five days—that’s less than a week!

—but all the time you need to take the promises you made to yourself and turn them into reality. With FIT IN 5, you’ll get five days’ worth of hand-chosen, fresh cooked meals. The menu changes weekly, but the price stays the same, making it easier than ever to stick to your goals.

In 5 days you can expect to:

  • Save Money— Same low price each week makes it easy to budget and a fresh menu keeps your taste buds happy
  • Eat healthier—Take the guesswork out of portion sizes and calorie counting with pre-packaged, gluten free meals and snacks
  • Save time—Use the time you would’ve spent meal planning and shopping to feed your soul instead
  • See results—5 days of nutrient dense, wholesome meals will detoxify your body and increase your energy

How it works:

  • Each Thursday, a new preset 5 day meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1-2 snacks (depending on your goal and activity level) is available for online ordering.
  • The menu changes each week, but the price stays the same!
  • With one click, order the 1200 calorie Boost meal plan or the 1400 calorie Bold meal plan.
  • Pick up your meals at one of our 3 convenient locations.
  • Enjoy the extra time, money and confidence you have from taking a proactive step to investing in your health
  • Check back each Thursday for the new plan!


If you’d like to make FIT IN 5 a lifestyle, contact a wellness advisor to learn more about our 30 Day Wellness plan.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit.

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