If you like how you feel after just one Pure Plate...

Imagine how you'll feel after FITIN5. It's five full days of meals and snacks that'll energize and satisfy.

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How to get FITIN5

Choose from four meal plans and two calorie levels.

Each week, select one of four meal plans—Balance, Energy, Power, or Strength—each suited to different tastes and nutritional needs. Based on your activity level, you also have the choice between a standard 1200-calorie plan and a 1400-calorie "Plus" option.

All plans include five days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks hand-picked to provide a perfectly balanced diet and flavors.


Enjoy new meals each week for the same price

The menus differ in each meal plan, but the cost doesn't. So you can enjoy a variety of foods and flavors for a consistent budget.

Order online and make one stop.

Purchase directly on our site, then pick up your full order from any of three convenient locations. All food is freshly prepared, then individually packaged in microwave-safe containers for easy storing and heating.

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