Foods that Fight Holiday Stress for Your Little Black Dress

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You’re nearly halfway through the holiday push. We’ve been talking a lot about the work it takes to wear your Little Black Dress with confidence. But what happens when the stress of the season threatens your best laid plans? When you feel the pressure building, turn to these 3 winter favorites to keep you on track.

Oatmeal—Boost your serotonin levels for a full 3 hours when you reach for warm, gooey oatmeal in place of sugary holiday treats. Try Energy Starter Steel Cut Oats.

Turkey—Slipping into a turkey coma shortly after lunch isn’t just your imagination. Turkey is rich in tryptophan, which your body breaks down into serotonin helping you feel more relaxed. It can even help your body make melatonin—sweeping you off into dreamland. Try Herb Roasted Turkey—now available in bulk!

Sweet Potatoes—Improve your mood with this excellent source of lycopene. Lycopene inhibits the production of inflammatory compounds, which are linked to depression. Sweet potatoes also contain higher levels of B6 and magnesium, both known to improve your mood. Try Roasted Sweet Potatoes or Mashed Sweet Potatoes—both available in bulk sizes.

Need some help getting back in the groove? Check out our 5 day Confidence Boost specially designed with your Little Black Dress in mind. With satisfying meals that capture the flavor of the season, you can expect to feel less bloated, more energized and more confident for your Little Black Dress. Contact a Wellness Adviser today.