30 Day Wellness Plan

30 Day Wellness Plan

The Next Best Thing to Instant Gratification

The 30 Day Wellness Plan is designed to wake up your metabolism and kick start your body. Clients typically begin feeling more energetic after the first three days, which are specifically designed to challenge your body. The remaining days in the program gradually increase their impact over time so that at the completion of the program you’ve lost weight, gained strength, reduced toxin levels and boosted your mood. Participants typically lose anywhere from 8-20 pounds.

Here’s how to make this goal your reality…

Tell us about you!
At Pure Plates, we earn your trust by learning about you as an individual. By completing the profile questionnaire, we can better understand your current lifestyle, stress level, and any medical conditions. We’ll work with you to achieve the goals you have in mind or help you define what you’re looking for.


Complimentary Personal Consultation
The 30 Day Wellness Plan is an investment in you and your health. That’s why when you begin you’ll have a free, personal consultation with a wellness advisor to review the plan and set reasonable expectations that will help you stay motivated throughout the program.


Customize the Right Plan
Once you define your goals, then we customize the right plan to achieve them. Each plan focuses on three key areas for success:

  • Caloric intake—To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in. Each perfectly portioned meal in your customized plan evaluates the percent of calories that come from protein, carbohydrates and fat, and harmonizes these components so your body will release stored body fat.
  • Cleansing—Your body absorbs toxins through everyday activity. Cleansing eradicates these toxins and stimulates your body to release the fat cells where the toxins are stored and promotes a faster rate of fat loss.
  • Support and Accountability—Our wellness advisors believe in your success, and we’re proud to play a supporting role. It’s our privilege to share this journey with you by providing encouragement, education and motivating you to keeping the end result in mind.


Commit, Save, Reward Yourself
When you invest in yourself, we invest back into you. Now that you have a clear direction for eating right with high quality meals and supporting that plan with supplements and vitamins, cash in on your choices by signing up for a free Pure Plates Privileges account and use this reward to fuel your motivation!

  • Purely Committed: $500 prepaid = $550 (10% reward)
  • Purely Focused: $1,000 prepaid = $1,150 (15% reward)
  • All In: $1,500 prepaid = $1,800 (20% reward)


The 30 Day Wellness Plan engages you throughout each step so that you see tangible results from your good choices, motivating you to stick with the program until your goals are achieved.

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Individual results will vary based on exercise, sleep, water intake and adherence to the meal and supplement plan.