Loving Your Body as a Work of Art…While it’s Still a Work in Progress

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The holidays can be a time of celebrating the generosity and kindness that life has to offer, but all too often the extra demands and expectations can lead to feelings of self-doubt and not measuring up—especially when it’s time to don your Little Black Dress.

This season, commit to loving your body NOW while you are working towards your goal. You don’t have to wait until your goal is achieved before you begin appreciating what you are capable of.

Here are 3 confidence boosting tips you can start right now:

1. Focus on what you CAN do.
When you change your focus from what you weigh to what your body can do, you’ll more quickly achieve your fitness goals while improving your confidence. It’s a double win.

2. Challenge Yourself.
When you try something new, your mind is forced to focus on the present. When your attention is given to that moment, your body is moving without you passing judgment on it. This brings you to the zone where you can enjoy the strength of your body and be connected to it. Even something as simple as adding three extra reps or extending your workout by just a few minutes has been proven to boost your confidence by giving you a feeling of control. And if you don’t have a workout routine, doing an exercise of any kind will have the same effect of giving you the sense that you are proactive about your health.

3. Eat for Confidence
It’s been said that fitness is 10 percent training, 10 percent genetics and 80 percent nutrition. Choose foods that provide vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to bring your system in balance so that you can feel your best.

High Protein Parfait—the probiotic will improve digestion, reduce bloating and stabilize blood sugar. Vitamin D will also contribute to serotonin production, the hormone known for positive feelings.

Pan Seared Salmon with Pesto –Omega 3 fatty acids will reduce redness and wrinkles in your skin, keep your hair healthy and shiny and boost brain function, all of which help you feel more confident.

Chipotle Pineapple Chicken Skewers—the bed of complex carbohydrate rich rice will keep you full longer and may also help the brain receive more serotonin. The protein found in the chicken will help in the production of the serotonin, which uses tryptophan found in protein.

When you feel confident about your body, that confidence spreads into other areas of your life. Eating healthy makes your body feel better. And when you feel better, you naturally feel more confident.

Speak with one of our wellness advisers about customizing a 5 day Confidence Boost and wear your Little Black Dress with more confidence than ever.