Our Company

Pure Plates: Where food functionality and convenience live in harmony

Whether it’s parent and child or executive and vendor, important life relationships begin by sharing a meal. Pure Plates began as a mission to build strong relationships as well as strong bodies by delivering fresh, quality, healthy functional food and drinks in a quality environment, conveniently.

The Pure Plates story begins with a former 7-Eleven executive who wanted to use his knowledge for good, rather than selling food products regardless of their nutritional value. Using his background in logistics and retail, the concept of providing food with specific nutritional benefits in a convenient manner was born.

We begin by sourcing local produce when possible and holding our suppliers to the highest levels of food quality integrity. The heat ‘n eat meals are prepared at the height of freshness and without any additives or preservatives. Pure Plates delivers balance to the body and allows it to restore health and vitality allowing it to function at the level you deserve to be at.

At Pure Plates, there are three tenets by which we measure all decisions, and which we hold to firmly:

Food Functionality—Each ingredient is carefully combined so that our meals deliver on the nutritional benefits they promise. Ingredients are creatively combined to deliver a surprisingly delicious flavor profile while delivering on each entrée or product’s promised nutritional benefit.

Convenience—Enough of life throwing more obstacles at you than you can successfully dodge on your own. Pure Plates takes the guesswork, time and overwhelming feeling out of planning perfectly balanced and tasty meals that you and your family can enjoy at any time of day. Simply stop by the store to dine in or carry out a wholesome meal or save even more time by completing your entire transaction online and simply pick it up from the store to wherever life takes you.

Trust—You can rest assured that every consumable item—from meals to vitamins—has been carefully reviewed by our nutrition coaches to ensure that it meets the highest quality and functional standards and will deliver in the way you expect. Your testimonials affirm our model for success. Authenticity. Quality. Trust. It’s what you can expect from every interaction, every meal, and every product from Pure Plates.