Our Food

Fresh. Convenient. Pure.

When you choose Pure Plates, you have the confidence that each meal is a perfect balance of quality, nutrition and freshness prepared at the time YOU need it.

At Pure Plates, our freshly prepared meals are the star of the show. And they should be. You won’t find butter or high fructose anything in our kitchen. You’ll find wholesome ingredients from local farmers markets picked at the height of their seasonal freshness and then combined in intriguing combinations that prove good for you food can taste great too.

With Pure Plates you’ll get:

  • Convenience with portable, heat ‘n eat meals ready for pick up or ordered in advance
  • Balanced nutrition from perfectly portioned meals
  • Quality through consistently prepared meals in an industrial kitchen
  • Expertise by passing careful scrutiny from both chef and dietitian that our products deliver what we promise
  • Support from supplemental products to achieve your health goals
  • Functional food benefits derived from using pure, natural ingredients

Pure Plates is more than great food conveniently prepared. It represents a culture of change. Being healthy starts with one right choice, followed by another, until it becomes a lifestyle. Life is cluttered. Let Pure Plates simplify one of the most important parts of your day: fueling your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need to be successful throughout your entire day.

Tex Mex Lasagna