Keto Kickstart- 5 Day

5 Days of Food

$145.00 $130.00

The Keto Kickstart- 5 Day Meal Plan includes 5 days of our Pure Plates meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snack.  A meal plan worth $140 for only $125.

TheKeto Kickstart- 5 Day plan comes with the following delicious breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner:

Day 1: Bacon Egg Scramble, Salmon Fillet, Garlic Butter Chicken, Cookie Dough Bites, Cobb Salad

Day 2: Keto Southwest Breakfast, Chicken Breast, Fajita Steak & Asparagus, Cashew Butter Packet, Sicilian Flatbread

Day 3: Keto Homestyle Breakfast, Hard Boiled Eggs (3), Keto Philly Cheesesteak, Protein Snack Pack, Keto Street Pork Tacos

Day 4: Bacon Egg Scramble, Tuna Salad Snack, Keto Simple Chicken, Margherita Pizza, Beef Tenderloin

Day 5: Keto Early Bird, Almond Butter Packet, Keto Turkey & Veggies, Hard Boiled Eggs (3), Mexican Chicken with Zoodles

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The 5 days average the following 1266 calories a day and average of 25 Net Carbs. These meals should be eaten every 3 hours.

Individual macro-nutrients can be found for individual meals.



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